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ObsCure and its Sequel Coming to Steam This March

DreamCatcher Interative’s classic survival horror video game ObsCure and its sequel are re-releasing on Steam after 9 years.

The original game was released back in 2004 for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 2, and the original Xbox.

Although a little is known about the game but it is said to be included with a number of features like 16:9 support, controller support, and other unknown options.

No other details or expected price has been provided but, it is expected that the games will make it to Steam on March 7, 2014.

Those of you who didn’t get a chance to play the original ObsCure, the game will allow you to control five teenagers school children who set out in search of their missing friend. While on their search, they find themselves trapped in a high school with mutants.

Soon they discover an on-going conspiracy that involves infecting school children and that these infected cannot sustain light. Throughout the journey, players will come across a number of secrets and they must come out alive.

The game is also known for its co-op gameplay but, whether this feature will be included in these upcoming re-release(s) remain to be seen.

The original titles could not do much to impress the audience and managed to score 65 and 60 on Metacritic.

Check out the Steam announcement trailers and let us know of your impressions!