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Killer Instinct Update Resets Jail Mode and Fixes Other Issues

Developers of Killer Instinct Double Helix Games are planning an update to resolve and reset the buggy Jail mode. According to the official forums, the update will also fix the problem with the newest fighter of the game ‘Spinal’.

Not only does this update reset jail stats but it also fixes a bug where both players would go to jail on disconnect.

It also includes fixes for Spinal teleport that was causing crashes in the game and de-sync in corner against back dashing opponents. It also fixes the manuals being unbreakable and counter breakers not being accessible after using the dive kick as an opener and Spinal skeleport linker that was not crossing up correctly.

Killer Instinct was released exclusively for the Xbox One as a launch title on November 22nd.

Are you facing any of these problems mentioned in the patch of Killer Instinct? Let us know in the comments below!