Here’s Some New Gameplay Footage of Infamous: Second Son

We’re just a month way from the release of the most anticipated Infamous: Second Son on the PlayStation 4. The game has been almost every time brought into conversation over its crisp and volatile visuals, which probably will go down as the most beautiful game on Sony’s new console; after Killzone: Shadow Fall of course.

Today a Russian site released over three minutes of gameplay footage for Infamous: Second; showcasing Delsin’s neon powers in the city during the night. It goes without saying that the powers bring out the color in the game. The city though seems pretty dead. Could be that this area is sanctioned off or maybe the developer decided on a little less populace to compensate on the processing power.

Infamous: Second Son is a system seller but does that even matter considering that the PlayStation 4 has already sold more than 5.3 million units? We don’t even have the stats for the Japanese launch yet.

Infamous: Second Son is going to release on March 21, 2014.