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Dota 2 First Tie-in Items Confirmed to be From Thief

Steam Games like Team Fortress 2 are known for bringing in in-game items bought with Steam versions of other games. But then there are titles like Defense of the Ancient 2 which are yet to feature these items.

However, it looks like Valve is finally including such items in DOTA 2 as well. Previously, it was rumored that owners of Steam version of Thief will gain access to a new item for Drow Ranger.

This item is called ‘Tools of the Master Thief’ and includes cloak, a pair of gloves, quiver, long leggings, a hood, corset, and a bow.

This set of items was first spotted on DOTA 2 workshop in late January with the name of Jacque Choi’s Workshop with the description reading:

These are the tools and attire of Garrett: The Master Thief.

Those of you who do not know, he is the Lead Character Artist who worked on Thief 2014.

It looks like the rumors were true as the ‘Genuine Tools of the Master Thief’ are available on Steam Community Market for sale. It certainly seems like a good idea picking up Drow Ranger for Garret’s outfit due to some of the striking similarities between the two.

For more information about each part of the set, check out Steam Workshop!