Counter Strike: GO Operation Phoenix is Live with 8 Fan-Favorite Maps

The most recent operation for Valveā€™s Counter Strike: Global Offensive is now live and it is bringing back 8 fan-favorite and community-created maps from previous operations, Bravo and Payback.

This will provide players with an opportunity to applaud the community for the hard work and a portion of sales will be presented to creators of these maps.

Counter Strike: GO Blog states that 8 maps which are featured in Operation Phoenix are Cache, Motel, Seaside, Downtown, Thunder, Ali, Favela, and Agency.

These maps were picked out by fans in a poll and they will be playable across Casual, Competitive, and Deathmatch game modes on Steam. However, the maps will only be available from today to 4 June, 2014.

Furthermore, players who will buy the Operation Phoenix for $2.99 will also gain access to exclusive Phoenix Case drops which will provide them with thirteen community-created and most-rated weapon finishes.

Valve has also stated that players will also gain access to Operational Scorecard which will keep history of their every kill and win from official competitive matches for the duration of Operation Phoenix.

After a slow rather bumpy start, Counter Strike: Global Offensive has finally made its place among the popular shooter on Steam and other multiplayer platforms.

Head over to Counter Strike: GO Blog for a complete run-down of each map.

Operation Phoenix is now available for Mac, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows.