PlayStation 4 Officially Launches in Japan; Jumps to Top of Best Sellers Chart

The PlayStation 4 was today officially launched in Japan, following its initial release back in November in the west only. It didn’t take long for Sony’s new console to jump right to the top of the best sellers charts on the local branch of Amazon.

The standard bundle that comes with a free download code for Knack and which does not include the PlayStation Eye camera is the most popular one. At the time of writing though, the bundle dropped down to the fourth place but looks to have cemented its position there for quite a while. The bundle boasting the camera reached the 12th spot at the time of launch but has now dropped to 14.

From the best sellers chart, it’s evident that the Japanese community seems split between the PlayStation 3 and the newer PlayStation 4. Those expecting the PS4 as a clear winner might be surprised to know that the PS3 version of Yakuza Ishin is in the lead at number 3; while the next-gen version of the game is sitting at seventh place.

Both versions of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes are also competing strongly against each other, with the PS4 version sitting at number 8 and the PS3 one sitting at number 10.

All that said, the PlayStation 4 looks to be selling good in Japan which was expected. The hardware sales charts releasing next week would be an interesting read. I personally am expecting Sony to sell at least two million units in the launch week, considering how loyal its fan base is in the region.

Upon the release of the PlayStation 4, Sony put down a sales target of 5 million units by the end of their fiscal year on March 31. The company amazingly has so far sold 5.3 million units and with the Japanese sales chart coming next week, one can only guess as to how far will their numbers reach by March’s end.

Source Amazon Japan