Phoenix Online Publishing Launches Label With 4 Games

Developer Online Studios has transitioned to publisher territory with the announcement of Phoenix Online Publishing as their new label. This house will release PC and mobile games of mostly roleplaying, strategy and adventure genres.

It will start off the distribution business by bringing four new games to market. We’ll list the revealed projects below:

Moebius: Empire Rising:

This new adventure comes from the mind of Jane Jensen, whose work is highly regarded through the classic adventure era of Sierra releases. Past work includes the Gabriel Knight and Gray Matter titles.

In Moebius, players will deal with paranormal activity in a detective theme. An antique dealer, Malacht Rector, uses photographic memory to piece puzzles and clues back together, which will uncover the dark mysteries of the game.

Quest for Infamy:

Speaking of Sierra days, Quest for Infamy uses the same pixel art style of slightly animated characters and detailed set pieces, in a medieval setting. You’ll wade through locations of bright green forests, bustling towns and so on.

Instead of playing the hero, this roleplaying game (RPG) will let gamers be the villain. As such, character classes are brigands, rogues or sorcerers.

Quest for Infamy has many conversation panels, as well as dungeons to go through and puzzles to solve. Combat will be turn-based.

The Last Door: Collector’s Edition

For horror fans, The Last Door will blend its point and click adventure with some dark overtones. It will also, however, make this happen in a bright and minimalist pixel style.

You’ll creep your basically shaped person through a range of Victorian settings, together with foggy forests and spooky graveyards. During your progress, you’ll need to solve some puzzles, which also makes use of an inventory system.

Light will also play a role in bringing the atmosphere to the game. Darkness needs to be kept at bay by using a lamp.

Lost Civilization:

In Lost Civilization, you’ll partake in a static point and click adventure with painted stills as the background. This style is used frequently for hidden object games, which this project also employs.

Still, there will be a ton of puzzles and little mini-games to perform here as well. Over 70 scenes are provided, set from London to Prague.

Phoenix Online Publishing also has a trailer that features some of its own titles, like the Cognition series and Face Noir.