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New Team Fortress 2 Patch Adds Thief Related Content

Awesome news for the fans of Team Fortress 2 and Thief!

Celebrating Eidos Montreal’s upcoming release of Thief, Vale has introduced a number of Thief-related items in Team Fortress 2, including a Bow Weapon for the sniper class and four other items which you can see in the gallery:

Along with the new Thief-related items, the latest Team Fortress 2 patch has addressed the following issues:

  • Added new promo items
  • Fixed a client crash caused by trying to load an invalid URL
  • Fixed Medigun particle beams not always appearing while healing players in DirectX 8
  • Fixed a case where clients would hear/see crit effects when their attack was not a crit
  • Fixed the Carbonado Botkiller Minigun using the incorrect material for the Minigun
  • Fixed a Mann vs. Machine bug related to upgrades after a retry/reconnect
  • Updated the Unarmed Combat to add the item_type description
  • Updated sv_pure so client will detect corrupt or modified VPK files
    • Use Steam to verify local cache to fix corrupt files
    • Use the custom folder to customize the game
  • Item server stability:
    • Improved performance when manipulating multiple items at the same time (claiming multiple item drops, etc.)
    • Improved performance fetching persona names for item descriptions (gifted by, etc.)
    • Improved performance generating Steam Community Market data for item tooltips

What do think of these additions to Team Fortress 2? Which one are you interested in? Let us know in your comments!