Microsoft Inviting Xbox Live Members to Test Xbox One March Update

Microsoft recently released the first major system update to their next generation console, and it was met with troubles right off the bat. Probably that is the reason why Microsoft wants Xbox Live members to test the Xbox One March update before it goes live.

The official Xbox website announced today that they will be sending out preview invites to a selected number of people so that their feedback can be implemented.

Beginning today, Xbox is inviting select Xbox Live members to preview new features coming to Xbox One in a March system update and future system updates as they become available, asking them to provide valuable feedback before the updates are implemented worldwide.

Look out for an Xbox Live message that will give you a token to register yourself for the test. Once you have registered, Xbox One March update will be rolled out to the selected group starting next week.

You will be able to record your opinions on a private forum.

Being tagged as a Titanfall-focused, the Xbox One March update is expected to perk up the multiplayer experience and add to the party features of the console. You may read up on what we have been told so far about the next system update here.

Let’s just hope that the Xbox One March update does what Microsoft is claiming it will, instead of creating more bugs like the February update.