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Lords of the Fallen: Difficulty Will be Scalable and Won’t be Easy

Amongst the titles I’m really anticipating this year, Lords of the Fallen easily makes the top three. Deck13’s upcoming action role-playing game is shaping up to be quite well and while the information available for it is limited right now; Lords of the Fallen looks to borrow popular elements from Dark Souls and in turn make for an exhilarating game experience.

The official Twitter account of the game has been quite busy these past few days in answering fan questions. Regarding the game’s difficulty, a spokesperson running the Twitter account said that the difficulty would be scalable and will not be related to the player’s statistics alone. This means that the game will adjust to your skill level and enemies will become either harder or weaker, depending on the player’s will to survive.

Additionally, the account was quick to put down the ones who regarded the game as looking too easy by saying that they can’t wait for people to try it out for themselves and know just how wrong they are.

Answering another fan, the Twitter account also revealed that players will be able to return to previous areas once they’ve started a new chapter. Additionally Deck13 is focusing on dynamic enemies, meaning that the same targets will behave differently each time you come across them.

Lords of the Fallen has been confirmed for a release this fall on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source Twitter