Halo TV Series Will Help Xbox One and Microsoft to Make TV More Interactive

With the launch of Xbox One, Microsoft planned on combining interactive TV and gaming to create a perfect entertainment system. I mean, I still remember all the hatred that Microsoft received because their console-launch primarily focused on TV instead of games.

The software-giant even tried to provide a wide arsenal of channels that could have revolutionized the whole entertainment industry, but the plan didn’t go too far.

One of the strongest reasons to prove that Microsoft is taking TV integration seriously is Halo TV series. Halo has always been Microsoft’s baby, and they are not afraid to take any risks to expand it to other sources of entertainment. The TV series in discussion is being directed by Steven Spielberg, who is notable for his work on Saving Private Ryan and Schindler’s List.

Although I do not dare to question the abilities of the legendary Spielberg but considering the fact that Microsoft is targeting a pure gaming audience, this has to be pretty neatly.

While speaking about blending interactive TV with games, this is what Elan Lee of Microsoft Entertainment Studios had to say to Gamesbeat:

The basic problem before us, or the job description as I see it, is that Microsoft is going to build an interactive TV studio. We’re in the process of building that. It’s exciting, because right now, all these people have incredible hardware plugged into their televisions. They have controllers in their hands. They have synchronization software for their phones. They have gesture and voice recognition; all this stuff that makes you feels like you’re part of a deeper narrative.

And then we Quantum Break, a third-person shooter with time-manipulation elements included. With this game, Microsoft intends on diminishing the line between video games and TV shows. This game features some state-of-the-art fluid animations and sleek character models for a better narration.

The TV show and video game are tied together and the decisions a player will make in the game will have direct impact in the TV show. After the completion of each episode in the game, a player will have the ability to watch the show or he/she can skip through it and keep on playing the game. Once the game is completed, players can watch the entire series and see the live-action.

Interestingly, it is not only Microsoft, which is pursuing the interactive television audience. Recently, Nintendo has announced that the company is planning on broadening their audience by producing a movie based on Legend of Zelda.

Personally, I believe this experiment is really going to kickass If Nintendo can find a decent partner. The idea is still under consideration but having Disney by its side seems like a good idea.

When it comes to Sony, it does not seem too eager to test out something like this. However, their exclusive titles like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls essentially play like a movie.

With the upcoming Quantum Break and Halo TV series on the horizon, it’s only a matter of time, and we will see where Microsoft’s plans will take it.