Deep Down Trailer 2.22 Celebrates PS4 Japanese Launch

Capcom’s Deep Down has been the subject of scrutiny ever since it was revealed that the game doesn’t come with any female playable characters.

Some went as far as to label the game sexist, and eventually Kazunori Sugiura, the producer had to come up and explain everything. The game is still far from release so the developers decided to pinch in with yet another trailer specifically timed to celebrate PS4’s Japanese launch.

The trailer has been purposefully titled 2.22 denoting February 22, i.e. the launch date of PlayStation 4 in the Japanese market. Not just that it ends with a congratulations note for Sony saying:

Congratulations on the Japanese PS4 launch!

Coming to the aspects of the trailer that are related to the game, it doesn’t manage to do much – the trailer is just a little over one minute long so there’s only so much that they could deliver.

We see dialogues based on the story of Deep Down, which are interesting; it starts with “to you I entrust the truth, you must tell the world all what happened here.” There on it is all monsters facing off against our protagonist and the outcry of help from a young girl.

Check out the Deep Down 2.22 trailer yourself and tell us what you make of it?