Banished Guide – Building, Shelter, Food, Clothing and Staying Alive

Banished is a recently released city-building strategy game which involves building structures and developing your town.

People will born, die, express emotion, and have children. It is your responsibility to keep them happy and provide them with enough food and shelter.

The most interesting thing about this simulator is that there is no skill tree involved. It means that you can create any structure at any given time; provided the resources.

Banished Guide

Banished provides you with a ton of tutorials that will help you get familiar with the game and some important mechanics.

Difficulty Settings

Basically, there are three difficulty settings; Easy, Medium, and Hard.

In Easy Mode, you will be provided with six emigrant families with a wide arsenal of building material at your disposal. A bunch of structures will be built from the beginning and you will have to take it from there.

In Medium Mode, there will be five emigrant families with much less resources than the Easy Mode but still enough to get by.

And finally, in Hard Mode, there will only be four families with a small chunk of building material and other resources and you will have to do everything on your own.

How to Construct a Building

You will see a light-brown patch of land in the area where you marked your construction zone. Prior to constructing a building, make sure you have enough resources at your disposal.

Normally, building a structure requires stone, wood, and Iron. You can order townspeoples to gather these resources and start building the structure. Once they have started creating a structure, you will see a small foundation on land.

How to Stay Alive

I am not considering natural deaths and accidents but, there are a number of other things that can wipe out your townspeople.

These things are controllable and can be avoided by some simple precautions. Some of these things include weather change (winters), burnt by fire, starvation, famine, and heart attack, and many other things.

For a general overview, you need to have at least five houses at the beginning of your first winter. I will not recommend going for Stone Homes because it is a waste of stones. During your second and third winter, you will want to have plenty of wood to produce heat and animal hide to make clothes.

You also need to make sure that you are not ordering your villagers to travel to farther distances. In this case, they will die because of hunger.

Food and Clothing

Food and Clothing are basic needs of your and the survival of your folks. Failing to meet these requirements can have drastic effects on your community and people might leave you. Below are a few structures that can provide you with Food and Clothing.

Setting your maximum Food limit to a higher number is generally a good strategy.

The Gatherer’s Hut
When we strictly talk about Food, there is nothing better than The Gatherer’s Hut. Create it in a forest with no stones and Iron deposits and you will be overwhelmed by the supply of Food.

Fishing Dock
The purpose of this structure is pretty straight-forward. You can build it near lakes and rivers and it will constantly provide you with large quantity of Food.

Although you cannot compare it to The Gatherer’s Hut, it still gets the job fairly done.

Hunting Cabin
In Banished, hunting provides you both with Food and Clothing. It can be done in deep forests as well as open areas. Hunting Cabin should be constructed near the forest where you always have animals in close vicinity.

Along with the meat, it provides you with animal hide which can be used to make Clothing material. Clothing material is also a necessity as it saves you from various diseases.

Farms can be your continuous source of Food. However, you need to make sure that you do not farm on the same land over and over again as it will cause your land to become barren.

Another thing you need to make sure is to set up your farm near the houses.

Herbalist can be considered as the initial stage of a Hospital. The purpose of an Herbalist is to produce healing herbs and medicine. The best idea is to construct this in the midst of a Forest.

Marketplace makes sure that the supplies are evenly distributed among the townspeople of your village. Without a Marketplace, some houses will receive a larger chunk of the resources while the other houses will starve to death.

I would recommend building this as soon as you have gathered enough resources.

Accidents happen! Sometimes a fire will erupt in the village and you will have to come to the rescue. Prepare for the emergency situation and make sure you have built wells around the area.

The fire can also consume your stored Food Supplies which will lead to the starvation.

Not really related to Food but, Tavern is the place where your townspeople will kick back and have some fun. They will get to drink loads of beer which will make them happy.


Weather keeps on changing in Banished and when it gets grey and cold, your folks will need nothing more than a place to live in.

As I have already mentioned, people are born and can expire. The weather can play a significant role in this. So make sure you have prepared shelter for the people.

You should pay attention to two types of shelter; Wooden Homes and Stone Homes.

Wooden Homes
Each family in the game requires one house to live. As for constructing them, it can be done by collecting wooden logs from the forests and asking the villagers to build it.

It is recommended that you build these houses near the working places of the folks so as to save the travelling distance. If you plan on upgrading your houses, make sure to do so in Spring Season.

Stone Homes
If you have just started playing the game then I would not recommend going for the Stone Homes at all!

It is pretty straight-forward to understand that these houses require more stone and less wooden materials. Another way of building these houses is by simply upgrading the wooden houses.

Therefore, it is a good idea to spend in your resources in Wooden Homes first and then upgrade to Stone Homes. You should also consider having a lot of empty houses in your vicinity in case any wanderer comes around.

Wood Cutters
Survival in the winter holds significant value! You need to have enough resources to survive in the winter. Even after getting the wood to burn, you need to take it to the Wood Cutter so that it can be transformed into Firewood.

Once you have set up your town, building a School is the second-best idea after Marketplace. The purpose of School is pretty much similar to the real life. The more a person is educated, the more will be his/her productivity.

However, you will need a specific number of people to run it. Once of the best strategies concerning School is to admit a child at very young age which will considerably improve the productivity.

Town Hall
Town Hall is another great structure that you should consider building as soon as you have gathered enough resources. The Town Hall will provide you with detailed statistics, graphs, and will enable you to admit wanderers in your town.

Another advantage of building a Town Hall is to receive Trading Advantages.

Trading Post
Like I have aforementioned, Town Hall tends to provide you with Trading Advantages. A Trading Post will make people come from distant lands for trading.

In addition to this, you can always have your own wish-list for certain products and the traders will bring them to you.

Having an additional Trading Dock will lead to more traders in your village. When it comes to trading itself, make sure to trade in surplus crops, ale, and clothing. Animal Hide is used to make clothes and you will never run out of it.

Mines and Quarries are resource houses that will last for quite long durations of time. The difference between a Mine and a Quarry is that a Quarry needs to be placed on an open-land. As for the Mine, it should be placed in an area which is half-way to a mountain.

The Mine will provide you with Iron and Coal. Although you will only need Iron but, Coal is equally important for crafting some tools.

Banished offers 20 different jobs which can be assigned to villagers. Your best idea is to assign these jobs to different villagers. You also need to note that one person can only perform one job. For example, a Fisherman cannot be a Builder.

Read on to know more about these workers:

A Laborer is able to perform certain tasks like gathering resources and building a road. You can also use a Laborer to drag building material to construction sites. However, note that a Laborer cannot take part in constructing a building.

If you ever run out of Laborers, make sure to close down a school which will increase your Laborer instantly.

Now that we have talked about the Laborers, the Builders come in. These are the workers who tend to build the actual buildings and structures. As a general rule of thumb, the higher number of Builders working on a building will construct it faster.

In addition to this, Builders will also clear out an area of tree and other useful resources before beginning the process of construction.

Farmers are your primary source of providing you with Food. These workers plant the season only during the Spring Season and harvest during the winters.

No matter what, your Farmers will not plant in the winters and all your efforts will go wasted. I would advise you to clear different patches of land in the winters so that you can plant in time.

The workers working at the Gathering Hut are called as Gatherers. At the very beginning of the game, there are four Gatherers required at the Gathering Hut. It is a good idea to invest a couple of villagers as Gatherers.

The workers working at the Fishing Dock are called Fisherman. These will provide you with Food at a constant rate.
You should invest more into Fisherman during the winter season as you will have less Food from the Farmers.

Hunters will also supply you with constant supply of Food. But this is a dangerous task since animals can also hurt rather kill you.

Hunting will also provide you with animal hide which can be used to protect yourself from the freezing weather.

These workers work at the Wood Cutter. They are primarily involved with the task of taking wooden logs and converting them into Firewood. This firewood can then be used to protect the villagers from the winter.

It is a good idea to have them built before the winters. Also, do not forget to place them near the homes so that your workers don’t die of hunger and traveling.

Working at the Forester’s Lodge, the task of these workers primarily involves transforming the logs into renewable resource.

If at some time, you start to run low on amount of trees, these workers will surely help you out.

Like I have aforementioned, the Herbalists will use the nearby herbs and shrubs from the trees and use them to produce healing medicine. However, in order to make the healing medicine, these workers will need trees.

It is the task of a Blacksmith to use wooden materials and turn them into iron tools that can used in Farming and other tasks.

A Tavern cannot run without a Brewer. The task of a Brewer is to brew beer for your townsfolk so as to increase their happiness.

Once you have received the animal hide via Hunting, you can then use a Tailor to create clothing for your villagers which will protect them from cold weather.

A vendor works at the Marketplace and like I have mentioned earlier, a Marketplace is a must build as it will make sure that you have even distribution of Food Supplies among your townspeople.

A Mine will work at the mines and gather coal and Iron reservoirs. Although you are primarily concerned with the Iron, Coal can be used to forge different farming and other tools.

A stonecutter will work at a Quarry and gather stones for you. I will not recommend building a Quarry at the very beginning of the game since the output is really slow. However, if you have already built a Quarry, do not remove it since it can stay there for longer durations of time.

Having different teachers in your School make sure that you have enough educated villagers. It is a good idea to have School and Teachers since it increases the productivity of a particular villager.

A Physician is an improved version of the Herbalist. They are able to heal people more effectively and quickly.

A fun fact, an educated Physician will heal at a much faster rate than a non-educated Physician. Also note that, these Physicians take up a lot of resources.

Have we missed out on anything or you would like to add something, let us know in the comments below!