Amazon Could be Releasing Set-Top Box in March

With the amount of rumors piling up for Amazon’s upcoming Android-powered console, one would think the company would just reveal their plans already.

A report by Ars Technica now has the online retailer giant planning to release a set-top box in March. According to sources speaking with Recode, the box will be running ‘some kind’ of Android. It’s unsure as to which version exactly or if Amazon will be opting for a heavily modified version or a new one altogether.

The box is said to be able to deliver Amazon’s video content, as well as allowing apps for television sets. Considering the many news pieces of Amazon’s interest in the gaming industry, notably its recent purchase of a games studio for potential first-party titles, the box could also have similar gaming features as that of the Ouya.

Rumors of Amazon working on a set-top box have been circulating for more than a year. That said, consider this March release date as another rumor. Last year the Wall Street Journal reported Amazon to be releasing its box in Christmas; which was ultimately debunked.

Source Ars Technica