Aerena: Clash of Champions Relaunches On Steam

Strategy game Aerena: Clash of Champions has reportedly “relaunched” through Early Access on Steam. Fans of steampunk and turn-based combat may get a kick out of the PC title.

In the press release, Aerena announces changes in design, with a new experience and leveling system as the main draw. As players gain more levels, they’ll unlock more of the game’s content.

Additionally, currency in the Early Access project is now based on leveling and scoring achievements. All in-game cash can now be achieved through playing the game.

Some work has also been done to the user interface, which adds some friendly options, like dropping the need to prompt basic attacks. Moreover, some mouse overs should display additional info.

Aerena now features a Shop, where players can purchase additional champions for their team, ships that are used to fly to different challenges and special effects. Some new content can be found in there as well.

To get cracking in Aerena, you’ll need to pay at least $7.99 for a copy or a lesser interesting €7.99, for those pesky Europeans. Still, for your trouble, you will receive an additional gift code. That way, you’re sure that you’ll be able to fight someone.

While Aerena is a multiplayer title, there are plans for the Early Access game to eventually implement a singleplayer campaign. It will also use champion rotation.

Originally, Aerena: Clash of Champions offered a free-to-play design on mobile devices. It still provides a way for players to battle across platforms.