1954 Alcatraz Release Date Set On March 11, 2014

After quite a bit of silence, Daedalic Entertainment has set a release date for the point and click adventure 1954 Alcatraz. You’ll be able to find it on Steam or GOG on March 11, 2014 at a price of $19.99 or the less favorable €19.99 for European crowds.

As the name suggests, part of this PC game’s story is set in the legendary prison island of the US. Here, one of the main characters, Joe, will be detained.

Aside from Joe, it will also be possible to play with his wife Christine. This duality will lead to a narrative from both sides of the bars.

The two got to their current situation by running a gang, for which Joe is now facing 40 years for aggravated assault. In turn, Christine has to fend off the remaining goons that want their cut.

Topics will go over the love for the two, possible treachery and life or death situations. What choices players decide on will shape the rest of the plot.

There are over 60 drawn backgrounds in 1954 Alcatraz, documented from actual footage. These will be complemented with 3D animated characters.

Period theming will try and capture some atmosphere as well. Given the game is set in the fifties, there may be some lousy beatniks.