Xbox One Remote Control Officially Announced, Dated and Priced

Yesterday’s reports of Microsoft officially announcing a media remote control for the Xbox One today have come true. Earlier in the morning the company revealed their new piece of hardware, stating it to be “simple, yet powerful.”

The Xbox One remote control grants users complete access to all of the console’s entertainment apps, as well as its television functionality. It “is designed to help you listen, watch and switch among experiences instantly.”

Compared to the Xbox 360 remote, this one costs more and will hit retail early next month for $24.99. The increased price factor might be because the remote features backlit buttons that illuminate as soon as you pick up the remote, making usage in the dark easy.

“The easy-to-use remote control has a familiar design with a soft, silicone finish that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand,” notes the Xbox NewsWire. “As soon as you pick up the remote, the motion-activated backlit buttons illuminate, allowing it to be used in the darkest of rooms while playing games, watching TV shows, movies and more.”

Amongst all of its features, the Xbox One remote will also feature dedicated controls to change volume, channels, sound equipment, all through the Kinect’s IR sensor. The console’s OneGuide menu unfortunately will only be available in the US since Microsoft has yet to roll out the features in other regions.