The ‘Right Team’ Developing Gears of War for Xbox One Will Take Some Time

The future of Gears of War franchise is in the right hands, according to Phil Spencer of Microsoft.

While speaking to fans via Twitter, Spencer stated that the next Gears of War needs to be big and that they have built quite the right team to carry out this task.

Like many others, I believe that Gears of War: Judgment was a disappointment when compared to the other titles and Spencer is determined to get the franchise back to the days of glory.


Since Microsoft has acquired the franchise from Epic Games, the next Gears of War for Xbox One is undergoing development by Black Tusk but, the studio is taking its time with the franchise. In addition to this, Microsoft has also hired Director of Production of Epic Games to oversee the undergoing project.

Just last month, Spencer confirmed to a fan that the Black Tusk Studio has started working on the upcoming shooter for over a week.

Considering this fact, it is safe to say that the new Gears title will probably launch somewhere in late 2016.

Regarding the announcement, Spencer has also confirmed that they have a lot of announcement saveds for E3, TGS, and Gamescom this year.

What is your wishlist regarding the first next-gen Gears of War?