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The Order: 1886 Lighting and AI Discussed by Ready at Dawn Devs

The Order: 1886 has not received an official release date yet but what it did get is an official gameplay trailer that, apart from impressing most of us, gave rise to more questions regarding the visuals as well as the gameplay. What you should expect is much better AI than what we have been shown so far as well as some pretty impressive lighting.

Andrea Pessino the Founder and CTO of Ready at Dawn was asked about the artificial intelligence of the game which looked a little weak to some of the people. Pessino’s reply was that the AI still needed more work on it and that it will be up to the mark very soon.

Parallel to this, graphics and engine programmer at Ready at Dawn Studios, Matt Pettineo discussed the lighting techniques that are being used in the game after he was complimented for the work that has been done in The Order: 1886’s lighting.

You will have to be a programmer or a nerd to completely understand what is being said here so we thought we should make your lives easier. The H-Basis is short for Hemispherical Basis, SH is short for Spherical Harmonic and SRBF stands for Spherical Radial Basis Function.

Now, Spherical Harmonic is a little obsolete but powerful technique that calculates in real time, lighting for 3D scenes from global illumination sources. The Hemispherical Basis is also known as hemispherical harmonics lighting which is pretty similar to SP but there is a lower chance of error in it.

The technology that they are planning to switch to, Spherical Radial Basis Function, is a simpler and less resource-consuming method. It still provides the same quality of output as SH and H-Basis though. So I guess it’s a good choice.

The Order: 1886 is already pretty impressive in terms of its lighting and visuals let’s see how Ready at Dawn improves it before they finally release it.