Issue of Deep Down’s Male Only Cast Gets Addressed by Capcom

Recently, news circulated that Capcom’s free-to-play fantasy RPG, Deep Down didn’t have any females in all the 12 playable characters. The news was met with surprising levels of criticism with stories going as far as calling the game sexist. This made Capcom issue a clarifying statement on the matter. The game doesn’t have 12 playable characters but one, and that character is a male.

Kazunori Sugiura the producer of Deep Down has told Eurogamer that he was informed about the misleading information given in an article so he has decided to clear up the misconceptions:

This article makes the claim that the game has 12 playable characters, all of whom are male. As producer in charge of this project, I would like to respond and clarify. While the main character of deepdown is indeed male, he is the only playable character in the game. The story focuses on him and a group of allies known as the Ravens.

So far the game has not been confirmed for a release outside Japan but surprisingly the source of the commotion was in the west. Sugiura further said that he was happy that the game was drawing attention in the west and that they will be releasing more information about Deep Down and their plans soon.

Deep Down will be released as a PlayStation 4 exclusive at a later date in Japan, keep checking back for more information.