Meet Nvidia’s Newly Announced GTX Titan Black – Will Cost You $1000

You don’t need the newly released puny $150 GTX 750 and GTX 750 Ti. Do you? When we talk about the reigning king of Nvidia GPUs, GeForce GTX Titan Black is on its way to dethrone the GTX 780 Ti.

This high-end GPU can be bought for a hefty price of around $1000 or £785. But the real question that arises is; is it worthy of the price tag?

To be honest, GTX Titan Black is a more tweaked form of GTX 780 Ti with twice the memory that is 6GB GDDR5. It also has a minor increase in the Core Clockspeed of 889 MHz considering the GTX 780 Ti which only offered 875 MHz. Or you can also call it essentially a Titan with fully enabled Kepler-based GK 110 core with a total of 2880 CUDA cores with all 15 SMX units enabled.

Titan Black Specs

When it comes to cooling and appearance of the card, the cooling is done by Nvidia’s NVTTM cooler but instead of GTX 780 Ti, it will only read, ‘Titan’. You will have to see under the Plexiglas Cover to read the marking ‘Black.’

Now even if you are a hardcore gamer at heart, I still won’t recommend getting it for such a hefty price. You can get a very similar performance by spending in almost half the price in a GTX 780 Ti. Check out some of the gaming benchmarks below and you will see there is no considerable difference over GTX Titan.

GTX Titan Black

No release date has been announced but it is said that the card will be available shortly.