Dota 2 Captain’s Mode Gets Ember Spirit, Pro Players React

Last night’s Dota 2 Update listed just one item, but that item was the addition of ‘Ember Spirit’ which is being added into Captain’s Mode.

Ember Spirit will be available for all the future tournaments games to be picked, banned or ignored. He is a great addition to the game; his skill cap is pretty high and there’s a lot of stuff you can do with him which makes him a very viable option in competitive Dota 2 scene.

He will be a good hero to have in the early part of the game and he can become very scary in the latter part of the game. Although he can be countered by disables and high physical damage, but if he goes out of control, he can be unstoppable with his high movability.

You will see Ember Spirit in a lot of matches early on because he is playable without the proper lockdown spells (hex, silence etc.) allowing him to dish out immense damage in any fight but with the passage of time, players will start to figure him out and will know how to defeat him.

After that he may be picked sometimes just as a surprise pick or in some special strategy. I think he would be used as a safe laner farmer because he needs a good start.

Thanks to OnGamers, we know what Pro Players think of the addition of Ember Spirit in Dota 2’s Captain Mode with Jonathan ‘Loda’ Berg from Alliance saying:

Of course it will be viable. It’s broken.

Tal ‘Fly’ Aizik from Fnatic explained the significance of Ember Spirit:

I think Ember Spirit is a very strong hero, the hero is good early game and becomes very scary late game. He has what most ideal carries want which is a getaway, a way to farm and the potential to kill everything with one button later on. I can see him work mostly as a safe lane carry but could even go middle. Also great for killing offlaners early on having an immobilize and a way to deal a lot of damage (flameguard).

Jimmy ‘DeMoN’ Ho from Team Dog had interesting take on the addition:

I think with the addition of Ember Spirit it will make the games much more interesting :).

What do you think of the addition of Ember Spirit in the Captain’s Mode? Are you looking forward to play the hero? Let us know in your comments!