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Daylight: Secret Twitch Chat Commands to Trigger Events

Blacklight Retribution’s upcoming horror game Daylight will feature secret Twitch chat commands that will enable viewers to trigger in-game events in other players’ games.

The developer revealed one of the commands to be “meow.” Typing that in the chat while viewing someone’s Daylight stream will make the game make sound of a cat in the background; which will no doubt be a surprise for the player himself, for who knows what will happen because of someone’s typed in text.

However to reduce spam, all triggered events will be timed and the full list of commands won’t be released. With the amount of Twitch traffic nowadays, I’ll give them a week or two at max to come up with a substantial amount of those hidden commands.

Daylight is described as a procedural generated thriller where each new playthrough will present new levels, scares and puzzles. Armed with just a dying cell phone, its flashlight and a compass, the player must make his way out of an abandoned hospital.

The game releases on April 8 on the PlayStation 4 and PC for $14.99/€14.99/£11.99. Both versions of Daylight will also have support for 3D.