Dark Souls 2 Receives a Staggering Score of 90 in First Review

Courtesy to the German Magazine M! Games, the first review of Dark Souls 2 will be available in their tomorrow’s edition of the magazine.

Out of the many RPGs which are scheduled to release this year, Dark Souls 2 has attained a staggering score of 90 out of 100.

M! Games have depicted Dark Souls 2 as:

The hardest Action-RPG in the world. More convenient, gorgeous and extensive.

Check out the cover of latest edition of ‘M! Games’ below:

Dark Souls 2

When it comes to the previous installments, M! Games awarded Demon Souls 82 and the original Dark Souls 88 review score.

Dark Souls II will stick to the roots of its predecessors when it comes to core gameplay mechanics. It will be as hard as the original title was and developer has not included any Easy Mode.

In other Dark Souls 2 related news, From Software has released a Bunch of Screenshots of the upcoming game which showcases various character customization options and UI.

The players will be able to not only change features like eyebrows or hair-color but also features like skin tone, age, and even hormones.

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