Dark Souls 2 New “Hollow Lullaby” Trailer Brings Yet Another Reminder

March 11th is going to be one big day this year as one of the most anticipated games in 2014, “Dark Souls 2″ is going to be released that day. New trailer for the game “Hollow Lullaby” has been released and it warns you about death.

The latest trailer says that “this isn’t about death, this is about what you’ve learned from death.” Long time players of the game would understand that there is no way to outrun death in Dark Souls 2.

It shows the dangers that lies around every corner of the Dark Souls II universe, including the towering dragons and it wants you to stay determined as you have done before in the series, it doesn’t want you to give up in any situation.

The game is known for its incredibly hard gameplay, unforgiving enemies and continues stream of impossible to beat bosses. It’s challenging enough that the biggest achievement of the game just wants the players to finish the game.

So what do think of the new trailer? Are you ready to die over and over again next month? Let us know in the comments below!