Call Of Duty: Ghosts – Latest Title Update Brings Fixes, Improvements and Xbox DLC

The latest patch for Call of Duty: Ghosts is now live across all of the consoles; bringing a lot of fixes and a new DLC for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One only.

Most important of all, the update improves the game’s anti-cheat system so expect a lot of players getting banned in your games from now on. Coincidentally something has gone haywire with Battlefield 4 as well. I have witnessed a lot of bans since morning so I guess it’s a take down across both titles.

The update also brings balances to weapons, perks and adds stability fixes to host migration, controller issues, lost connections and improves overall performance.

A few small fixes have been added for Extinction, including the application of camouflages, corrections to the Escapes leaderboard, squashing a deployable money feature exploit, the addition of a Relic bonus to the post game score screen, and a fix so that the Undiscovered Truths achievement unlocks properly.

Regarding the accompanying DLC for the Xbox platforms, it features the following packs: Legends Pack, Inferno Pack, Ducky Pack, Circuit Pack, Extra Slots Pack, and a Space Cats Pack. Also included are the characters Elias, Hesh, Merrich, and Keegan.

For the complete list of patch notes you can head to the official community website.

In related news, Call of Duty: Ghosts is going to be free to play on Steam for this weekend only. If you’ve yet to purchase the game, you can try it for free this weekend. All you need is a Steam account and download it once it becomes available. During this period, the game will also feature a 50 percent discount, as well as a double XP weekend.