Zenimax Answers Your TESO: Imperial Edition Questions

There is still a month left in the release of The Elder Scrolls Online, and the Imperial Edition is already cooking up debates as it locks one race behind a pay wall. It still is a lucrative offer and therefore ZeniMax has been discussing it further through their Variety Pack 13 Q&A session.

If you have pre-ordered the Imperial Edition and entered the five day early access code, you will be able to transform all the gear to look like Imperial gear, play and craft as an imperial, access the Imperial Horse as well as the Rings of Mara even when you are in the Early Access Mode.

In response to a question where it was asked whether separate copies of Imperial Edition will have to be bought by two people if they wished to perform the ceremony using Rings of Mara, the answer was only one copy of Imperial Edition and hence only one Pledge of Mara will be required.

After the ritual, while wearing the ring and adventuring with the corresponding partner, both characters will receive a bonus to their experience with this bonus stacking for others.

Moreover, it was confirmed that anyone can craft in the Imperial style after they have found the Imperial racial style book while exploring Tamriel.

Just as the Imperial Edition holders will be able to convert weapons and armor of other style to theirs, all other races will be able to do the same.

The only exception is if a weapon or armor has already been converted once from a race to another, in which case it will be bound to that latter account.

Zenimax also clarified that players will have eight character slots to create in; each could have a different set of skills and be able to play in all three alliance territories.

Lastly, a guild leader will not be able to change his alliance once the guild has been made because guilds can only capture keeps for their chosen alliance.

You may read the complete Q&A session by visiting the official website of TESO.

There will be more discussion on the features of The Elder Scrolls Online in the future so keep checking back, we shall keep you updated.