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Xbox One System Update, One Bug Leads to Another in Titanfall

The first Xbox One System Update was unleashed over the weekend and where it fixed multiple issues that the console was facing, including a video output bug on one hand, on the other it has apparently created a new video output bug.

According to the grapevine, when the Xbox One System Update is installed and you play Titanfall, trying to go back to the game after hitting the home button gives you a black screen with no video. So far, the only way around it has been hard reset of the console and the problem lingers on even if you enter standby and check back.

Here’s the complaint that one of the users posted on Reddit followed by multiple users seconding his problem:

Found a bug when playing Titanfall. When starting a game and I hit the home button to go back to the home [screen] the video output is lost…. might also happen with other games. I have to do a hard reset to get back video again.

Other than this, a couple of people (with at least one PC user) have complained that their screen flickers every time they visit the ‘Burn Card’ screen.

As a response, Microsoft has issued an official statement – not a permanent fix, so far – saying that the issue is not widespread and that they are working on it.

Restarting the console by pressing the Xbox One power button for 10 seconds is the solution that they have suggested.

Do we have to wait until the next Xbox One System Update in order to get a permanent fix for this? Only time will tell.