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Watch Dogs and The Witcher 3 Down to 900p and on the Xbox One

The war of ‘resolution’ continues between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with upcoming titles Watch Dogs and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt said to be running at a lower scale on the Xbox One, compared to the PlayStation 4.

According to industry insider “Shinobi602” an “upcoming hacking game” will be running at 900p on the Xbox One, while the PS4 version will be at full 1080p. Additionally a certain “upcoming Polish game” will be running at 700p on the Xbox One, while the PS4 version is currently stuck at 900p. However, the developer is “working hard” to scale it up to 1080p.

The hacking game clearly refers to Ubisoft’s upcoming action-adventure title Watch Dogs; while the Polish one is referring to CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

In his tweets Shinobi602 also stated that both games will be running at 30 FPS on both consoles.

Two things to share in a little bit. Dat resolutiongate continues.

1. Upcoming hacker game, 900p/30FPS XBO, 1080p/30FPS PS4

2. Certain upcoming Polish game 720p/30FPS XBO, 900p/PS4 (working hard to keep 1080p).

This latest issue of the Xbox One struggling to keep up with the PS4 in terms of resolutions has been a pain in Microsoft’s side. According to former IGN editor Jeremy Conrad, the cause is the Xbox One’s limited ESRAM and GPU capabilities.

In any case, if the reports are true then Sony followers are going to have a field day once both games launch later this year.

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