Watch and Learn How You Should Execute Titans in Titanfall

Titanfall is not a COD-Killer, but it has sure as shooting redefined the FPS Sci-Fi shooting genre. Features like free-running, double-jumping, wall-climbing and Titans make the game much more engaging than its competitors.

Titans are totally badass but the feeling of jumping over the buildings with your Anti-Titan weapon to get a clear shot is just insane! And then there is climbing over the top of the enemy Titan, opening up the Pilot’s hatch, and shooting him/her in the head.

But going neck and neck as a Titan with another Titan is the real deal!

When two Titans are against each other, the fight does not end well; especially if we consider the executions. It gets messy and blooded up pretty badly.

Each of the three Titans featured in the beta has its distinctive execution animation. The Ogre seems to rip-off the enemy Titan of its arms, the Stryder goes for the Pilot by pulling him/her out of the cockpit and squeezes out every ounce of blood out of him/her, and last comes the Atlas who performs a similar execution to that of the Stryder but instead of squeezing the puny Pilot, it tends to throw him/her away.

To see these Titans going against each other, head over to Gameranx. They have a bunch of clips in store for you!

And in case you do not know how to perform a finisher on Titan. It is pretty simple!

All you need to do is to damage a Titan and get it to doomed state (red and yellow bars over its head). Once you have done that, approach it and perform the regular execution.