Valve’s Dota 2 Documentary Free to Play Will be Beta Tested

Valve has been developing a Dota 2 documentary called Free to Play since last year. Valve had announced that they will put the documentary on a ‘beta test’ but days went by and nothing was said of the project until now.

The company has announced once again that they will be putting Free to Play on a 2 to 3 day’s beta test.

A post was made on the Steam Translation Server telling the users that they should expect the beta one of these days; an exact date was not given.

Something tells me that they will be delaying it yet again. Let’s hope they don’t.

Steam Translation Server is a crowd-sourced portal where users translate the texts for 26 languages that Steam uses. The users have been helping Valve in translating Free to Play documentary. The post in question thanked the users for their efforts and informed that their names would appear in the credits at the end of the documentary while telling them that:

There will still be a short two to three day beta, before the movie is released – more details on this to follow.

Free to Play documentary will be the second documentary that Valve is making, their first project was The International 2012, another Dota 2 based venture.

It is interesting how Valve is calling it a Beta Test instead of Screen Test. May be because they are a Games Company? Share your thoughts in the comments below!