Titanfall Will Feature Monsters Who May Attack You in Certain Maps

The art book of Titanfall was shown by IGN ahead of its release on 25th of February and along with it came the new details on the weapons, maps, story and even the monsters of Titanfall.

Yes, the actual monsters.

The maps that were extracted from the beta seem to be legit as there are entries for Colony, Boneyard, Corporate, Overlook, Nexus, Airbase, Outpost 207 and Lagoon in the book.

According to the article the monsters “will walk or fly around levels harmlessly until people interfere. Others will attack when you just stare at them”.

This now confirms that there will be monster creatures in the game, even during the combat, joining AI-controlled Grunts and Spectres on the battlefield.

A similar post on NeoGAF has a quote from developer Respawn confirming the existence of Leviathan monsters (one which appears in an advertisement of the game) but developer maintains that these creatures will not enter the maps.

Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall launches on 11th of March for the Xbox One and PC in North America followed by the release on Xbox 360.

Have you tried out the Beta of the game? What do think of the inclusion of the monsters in the game? Sound off in the comments below!