Minecraft Mini-Games Pushed To Minecraft Realm, Soon To Be Available Worldwide

Minecraft has become a well-known name because of its incredible popularity due to its sandbox features and activities, but Mojang isn’t done with the the game yet.

In fact, they are already working on adding mini-games to the game.

Implementation and use of mini-games feature will be made very simple requiring just one-click of a button allowing players to switch their Minecraft Realm to a mini-game without having to reset their world.

It cannot get easier than this, moving between the two modes is just one click away.

A number of new features are also planned to make their way to the game in the update coming in March, with more features to be added over time.

However, mini-games are currently available only for Minecraft Realms or with a Minecon voucher. According to the developer video about the mini-games, Mojang is planning to bring Minecraft Realms to the rest of the world “as soon as possible.”

You can watch the work in progress video above, which show off Blocks vs. Zombies mini-game in action. The video doesn’t go into much details other then showing glimpse of Cake Defense and Dash of Doom.

Minecraft’s popularity has surged over the past few months with the release on Xbox 360 and recently on Playstation 3 and with Xbox One version expected sometime later this year, I am sure there would be more enthusiast playing Minecraft than ever before.