Japanese PS4 PlayStation Store Ready To Go

Despite the Playstation 4 not being officially launched in Japan yet, those with a Playstation Network account can now browse the store for PS4. Games on the Playstation Store will be quite different from the offerings in other regions.

According to Gematsu, the store is now live, with games being available for download. Some of the titles ready for launch are Dream Club: Host Girls on Stage and Onigiri.

Additionally, Japan has three free months of Playstation Plus as a promotion for launch. If you have a Japanese account, perhaps you should go looking for it.

With a PS Plus subscription, you’ll be able to download a bunch of free games. Titles selected for now include Tokyo Jungle and Dream Club for PS3, as well as Soul Sacrifice and Ciel no Surge on PS Vita.

In particular, Tokyo Jungle on PS3 is quite entertaining as a dungeon crawler paired with the evolution of a bunch of animals. You’ve always wanted to play with a poodle in a concrete jungle. You just didn’t know it.

It may seem a bit strange that Sony would launch the Playstation 4 in its home region at a much later date than elsewhere. More than likely, the current success of its other platforms doesn’t require it to be available there immediately.

Alternatively, not releasing in Japan opened up the possibility to ship more units to other continents. This has led to a tremendously successful launch period in both the European and North American regions.

Just this month, Sony announced that over 5 million PS4 consoles have been sold since its release in November. In the first month alone, it sold over 1 million.