Guild Wars 2 Attack on Lion’s Arch Update is Out Today, Patch Notes Released

Guild Wars 2 gets Attack on Lion’s Arch featuring Scarlet Briar as she takes on the cosmopolitan city of Lion’s Arch. The lethal vamp is pouring in all of her deadly forces which leaves you with the task to save the citizens and help them evacuate the city.

The prelude to Guild Wars 2 Attack on Lion’s Arch might get you attuned to what is going on in the cultural hub of Tyria, Lion’s Arch:

Lion’s Arch is under attack! The Lionguard is scrambling to protect citizens and evacuate the city. The attack from Scarlet’s armies left Fort Marriner heavily damaged and the Gate Hub Plaza in ruins. And a deadly miasma is spreading across the city, gaining lethality until the survivors are forced to retreat.

As you complete your tasks, you will earn rewards and while you are at it, you can collect supplies from the enemy for crafting purposes.

The people who join in to defend the city will go home bearing “new utility feasts to endless quaggan tonics.” Quantity and quality of the rewards will of course depend on the number of citizens saved.

You will also get free pass to the Captain’s Airship from any PvE map so that you can try out the one-stop shop where you can trade and craft items.

The Captain’s Airship comes with weekly or life-time purchasable passes.

Attack on Lion’s Arch adds new Zodiac Armors, Ascalonian-Leader Finisher and certain Black Lion Chest Updates that will let you drop a Mini Marjory Delaqua or Mini Mai Trin.

Oh and you will also get five bags of Alliance Supplies every time you open up a chest.

You may check out the complete patch notes for Guild Wars 2 Attack on Lion’s Arch on the official forums.