GTA V Online Infinite Money Exploit Confirmed to Work After Patch 1.10

It is unbelievable how quickly people seem to find glitches/exploits in GTA V Online.

Patch 1.10 went live a week ago and in spite of Rockstar Games’ claims of fixing various car-duplicating, RP-farming, and money-making exploits, it’s all still there.

Players always seem to find a bug in the system one way or another.

This particular glitch I am referring to also used to work after Path 1.09 and is still going strong. It involves doubling up expensive cars and selling them for money farming.

The in-game resources you will require to carry off it are two players, some sticky bombs, a bicycle, and an expensive car of your choice.

I do understand how each penny is worth in GTA V Online and therefore a step-by-step tutorial is provided below:

Disclaimer: Rockstar Games is dealing with cheaters and exploiters with an iron-hand. If you don’t want to be placed in Cheaters’ Pool and banned for good, don’t try this!

Step #1
Get your car (the one you wish to sale) out of garage and let your friend take it. After hopping in the car, you friend must plant a couple of Sticky Bombs at the threshold of your garage.

Step #2
Go inside your garage and hop on a bicycle and ride out of the garage. While you are coming out, your friend must explode the Sticky Bombs and kill you.

Step #3
After you respawn, find your friend and re-take your car. Your friend should come out of your car willingly.

Step #4
After re-claiming your car, head to any nearby mod-shop and sale your car.

Step #5
Exit the mod-shop and give your mechanic a call to have your car delivered back to you. Rinse and repeat!

This glitch literally provides you with a ton of in-game money which even hurts Rockstar Games’ idea of micro-transactions. This exploit seemed to be working at the time of writing this but, such things are always subject to fix by future patches.