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Final Fantasy XV Will Take Different Route From Lightning Returns

Producer of the Final Fantasy series Yoshinori Kitase discussed in an interview whether the elements and mechanics from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII would be seen in Final Fantasy XV.

He believes that the development team of Final Fantasy XV will take an extremely different route considering it’s a different team working on the project.

The next Final Fantasy game in the series, XV, was announced last year, so you’ve heard about that. That’s actually been developed by a different team to our one here, myself and Abe-san here, who made Lightning Returns. They’re probably going to be doing something quite different and using completely different systems in their game.

This may be comforting for Final Fantasy fans who are still not content with the state of Final Fantasy franchise but what comes next, may ring few alarm bells.

From our point of view, the team we’re involved with, for our next game – it’s quite difficult to say really but no, we’re probably going to be doing something quite a bit different. Maybe some influences somewhere but I don’t think we’ll be using exactly the same systems and the ideas in the same way.

Fans of the franchise are counting on Final Fantasy XV to get out of the development turmoil and reinvigorate the faith in the franchise that has been performing well below the expectations of fans and critics in the recent memory.