Watch Dogs to Feature Around 2 Hours of Cutscenes – Good or Bad?

Well, looks like Ubisoft believes that a game’s intensity has a lot more to do with the cutscenes than it has to do with the game itself. Or maybe they just wanted to ensure that the story is built up properly in Watch Dogs because apparently there are nearly a whole movie’s worth of cinematic scenes in the game.

Kun Chang, the lead cinematic director for the game posted on his official website claiming that he has directed around 110 minutes of cinematics for the game including the opening cutscene of Watch Dogs:

“This is the super secret project I have been working on for the last 6 months. I directed the opening and all of the cinematics and also worked as a realization director on the demo.”

Chang is not new to the gaming industry, he already has names like The Fifth Element (as a concept artist), Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (as the art director) and Prince of Persia to his name.

One thing that the length of the cinematic scenes suggests is a very strong plot. We would want that to be compensated in the overall length of the game too. No one would want a game that is based more around the cutscenes than the real action; but I believe Watch Dogs will live up to its expectations.

What does the length of the cinematics tell you about the quality of the storyline that Watch Dogs will follow?