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Titanfall’s Campaign Mode Will Tell The Story of Warring Factions

Titanfall beta kicked off a couple of days ago and the first impressions of the game have been impressively positive, but there have also been questions about the storyline of the game.

One similar question was raised recently at the game’s official website:

What does the game offer in order to keep it interesting for people who aren’t there just for the multiplayer experience?

The answer to this, in words of Abbie Heppe the community manager of Respawn, was posted on Lary Hryb’s blog.

She discussed how the presence of two factions, i.e. the Frontier Militia and the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation will help advance the context of the game from two different angles.

The ‘campaign multiplayer,’ as she referred to Titanfall’s campaign mode, has been designed to be played twice; once from each faction’s perspective. This will open up the story of the game to the players from a variety of angles, and they will understand the conflict better.

Needless to say, “there will be way more dialogue and characters and way more context for the world” when you are in the game’s campaign mode.

She explained that this mode will not be the same as the classic modes of the game. “It is still a multiplayer game with story elements woven in,” she said.

The reason why Titanfall is expected to be different from other multiplayer games is that Respawn is giving the game’s storyline as much importance as some would give to a single player campaign.

The emphasis on the quality that you will encounter in the game is another single player element that it borrows. Usually, multiplayer games don’t really focus on that, but in the case of Titanfall, you will be met with high quality art and animations that are usually expected from single player games or their scripted portions.

Expect some of “those big, epic moments and that really cinematic stuff.”

Imagine instances when you slide through the legs of a Titan, or rodeo it to deal damage or when a Titan grabs you in midair; you won’t see rich animations like these in the usual multiplayer games.

Do you agree with Abbie Heppe’s take on Titanfall? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!