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Titanfall Was Once in Development for PS3

Seems like at one point Titanfall was in development for the PlayStation 3 as well, until EA decided to conclude an exclusivity deal with Microsoft.

A NeoGAF user today posted a screenshot of texture files found in the Titanfall PC beta, which contains various files referring to ‘Durango,’ the development code for the Xbox One, the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3.

Upon the crossroads to port their title over to next-gen, Respawn probably were contacted by Microsoft to secure a console exclusivity deal. That’s probably why there’s no mention of the PS4 in there. Still this news might come off as a bit stingy to Sony followers who would now think over the ‘what ifs.’

You can see the image below:

Titanfall - PS3 Mentioned in Code

Titanfall is currently in open beta on both the Xbox and PC. On the latter though, the game is only available to those who registered themselves as a participant on the weekend. If you did, then check your Origin games library and you’ll find the 12 GB beta client there.