The Order: 1886 Official Gameplay Trailer Shows Visual Fidelity of PS4

We have seen The Order: 1886 and know how stunning the announcement trailer looked, but since that was just CG, everyone has been waiting anxiously to watch The Order: 1886 Official Gameplay Trailer and judge the game on in-game footage than its ability to render cinematic cut-scenes.

It’s amazing how Ready at Dawn has achieved such parity between cutscenes and gameplay that it is difficult to separate one from another.

In this gameplay trailer, Ready at Dawn shows us a sequence of the game in which you are tasked to clear the White Chapel District infested with various brothels and bad guys.

The developer also shared a lot of technical details, for example, The Order: 1886 is rendered at 21:9 like most films to achieve more cinematic feel in the game.

Ready at Dawn has also tried their best to keep the environment authentic by only incorporating elements in the World that could logically be added to the game set in the 19th century.

You will come across various elements that may not be present in time but since their technology was present in parts, it makes it even more plausible to experience them in such a setting.

Watch the trailer and let us know what you think of what you saw in the comments below!