Special Edition Yakuza Ishin PlayStation 4 Revealed

Expect not one but two special edition PlayStation 4 consoles this year. Yesterday we saw Konami announcing their PlayStation 4 Fox edition, which comes in a minimalistic and I have to say boring design; featuring the Fox Engine logo plastered on the top glossy part of Sony’s console.

Today it’s Sega’s turn to reveal its special edition Yakuza Ishin PlayStation 4 console. Sega’s edition is also very similar to Konami’s, featuring yet again a minimalistic feel with Yakuza Ishin himself being branded in the same place and in the same color as that of the Fox edition.

The Yakuza Ishin edition will also be released for Japan alone and fans in the west shouldn’t expect this to be officially brought over.

Unlike the Fox edition which will retail for $460, the Yakuza Ishin model will not be for sale. In fact only 100 models will ever be made and these will be handed to lucky winners from the Japanese Sony Store.