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Rust: New Minor Patch Fixes Bugs and Adds Whitelist Servers

A small update has been released for the online survival game, Rust, which brings some bug fixes and the addition of whitelist servers.

  • fixed unicode not working in name tooltips
  • fixed people using colours in name tooltips
  • removed ‘hatchet to gather’ tooltips
  • added whitelist servers
  • fixed broken explosives
  • fixed being killed by harvesting resources

According to Facepunch Studios, “the whitelist system is as simple as we could make it.”

“If a server assigns itself to a Steam Group you need to be in that group to join it. Whitelist servers that you can join will show up in the whitelist tab on the server browser.”

The new update will ensure that players won’t see servers they are unable to join. Server owners can make their server a whitelist if they want by doing something like this in their config file:

server.steamgroup 103582791429523489

Once done, the server will need to be restarted.

Source PlayRust