League of Legends Fan Made Cinematic Beyond The Rift is as Good as Riot’s

There is no question in the amount of fan following that League of Legends has, every now and then we see devoted community members going to the limits of fandom with the game.

Another such example is running on YouTube these days. A cinematic trailer called League of Legends: Beyond the Rift was made by a group of fans with such quality that you could think it came from Riot Games.

It is a short two minute long cinematic that features Jax the Grandmaster at Arms going up against the Tiny Master of Evil Veigar.

The cinematic trailer was released on Machinima Realm’s channel today where it has already received over 350K views. This is surely justified as many of you would be surprised with the extravagance that they have pulled off.

League of Legends: Beyond the Rift has been produced by The Rooster; a group of five artists who have been working on the video for a long time. The group has even uploaded a

" target="_blank">video depicting the making of Behind the Rift.

Check it out yourself and let us know what you think.