Kingdom Come: Deliverance Confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One

Kingdom Come: Deliverance made quite an impact on the gamers, when it first appeared on Kickstarter; the game reached its goal of 300,000 in less than three days.

With the popularity of the game constantly increasing, the developer Warhorse has announced that the game will be releasing for PC and both the next-gen consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4).

They made an announcement on the official Kickstarter page:

We had lot of discussion with both Microsoft and Sony in the past weeks and we are happy to announce that the game concept of Kingdom Come: Deliverance was approved by both Sony and Microsoft for the next gen platform (PS4 and Xbox One).

Both companies are very eager to work with independent developers now and were really helpful in speeding up the whole process. We were provided with devkits and will get cracking on the console version right away.

This is good news for anyone with a new console, the game is shaping up to be quite amazing. They also announced what’s coming next for the game’s followers.

  • If you backed a tier with digital copy of the game, you can choose any platform you want, on any tier.
  • If you backed a tier with boxed copy and want a console version, we can send you the box and other goodies, depending on your tier. If at all possible, we will give you the disk with the game; otherwise you will get the digital version.
  • The Alpha version access is confirmed for Windows version only. We are working with other platform holders to see if it could be made available there, but we cannot promise anything yet.
  • The Beta access will be available on Windows, Linux and Mac at least; it may also be available on consoles but we cannot confirm it yet.

However, there is still no information when we will be seeing the beta of the Kingdom Come: Deliverance. But, with developers getting this kind of support from fans, you can expect it to be available for both the consoles soon.