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Final Fantasy XV May Feature Old Combat Mechanics – Yoshinori Kitase

One of the Producers of ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Yoshinori Kitase has revealed that the combat system in the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One video game may feature old mechanics from previous installments.

According to a report from Softpedia, Yoshinori Kitase specifically listed the Gambit system in “Final Fantasy XII” and Paradigm Shift system from “Final Fantasy XIII” as two features that may potentially return in the future.

He believes that despite the mechanics being old they are not invalid:

All those kind of ideas, it doesn’t necessarily [mean] that something that we’ve used before is now invalid and can’t be used; there’s certainly a possibility of taking it and bringing it back. But I think it’s going to be those kinds of changes that the technology allows that we’re going to have to maybe think and adapt for.

Final Fantasy XV slightly deviates from the former mainline single-player installments of the franchise. The combat system has more action elements as players will need to manually attack, dodge and move around the battlefield.

However, the game will retain some of the familiar elements from the series. Square Enix 1st Production Department is the studio responsible for the development of Final Fantasy XV. The game is in development for PS4 and Xbox One.

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