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Elder Scrolls Online Takes 150 Hours to Reach Level 50 on Average

Users from The Elder Scrolls Reddit has said that you can expect to play 144 hours or so of questline-walking and quickbar muscle memory before hitting level 50. That apparently equates to two or three weeks of Actual Life, which necessarily includes mealtimes, sleep and other related factors.

In another thread, a beta tester estimated between 70 and 80 hours for those who like to forcibly end their NPC conversations – while another claimed to have hit the level cap within 54 hours which is under two days.

One of the testers named Morkulth noted that the XP gain “ramps up very quickly” after level 30 – and pointed to increasingly condensed quests in later zones. He wrote:

It’s pretty easy to zig zag back and forth across the maps of all the zone and get a lot of xp while doing it

Playing as a sorcerer, the player was able to gain 35% extra movement speed thanks to a ‘lightning form’ morph.

So point of the fact is that you can zig zag back and forth across the level 15+ zones very quickly as a sorcerer, claimed the player. Almost all of the [Aldmeri Dominion] story quests shoot right down the middle of the zone and you can complete it once you hit it. I actually had to skip about 1/2 the zone because leveling was so quick.

For the players who really want to immerse themselves into the universe of the game, it will take more than 150 hours for them. Paul Sage Creative Director of Elder Scrolls Online noted that once players have access to other alliances’ areas, they’re looking at closer to 450 hours of solid questing before even tentatively charging into PvP.

If you want to play an Elder Scrolls game, then you must do everything there is to do in the game, finishing the game early would be a waste of an awesome experience.