Dragon Age: Inquisition Lead Writer Discourses Same-Gender Romance in Bioware Games

There are not many video games out there which tend to provide romantic sequences between the same genders. Among these games, Dragon Age franchise tops the list.

Recently, a question was posed to Dragon Age: Inquisition Lead Writer David Gaider by a fan that enjoyed same-gender romance sequences in Dragon Age: Origins. The question was whether being a gay man causes any kind of hindrance while developing the game or not?

On his personal Tumblr account, Gaider wrote quite a lengthy reply to this post and put up several industry insights.

According to Gaider, it all began with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic but it was not him who suggested it but his co-worker. He was rather pretty much befuddled considering this decision.

He did not choose to be called as a Gay Developer but instead a developer who happens to be gay. According to him, at this intersection his personal life becomes relevant to his work life and choosing where his responsibilities lie become difficult:

I don’t think of myself as a ‘Gay Developer’. I’m a developer, who happens to be gay, and there’s this one point of intersectionality where my personal life becomes relevant to my work life…and it’s not easy to figure where your responsibility lies.

Gaider further stated that honesty plays a major role in all this. If he or someone else is proposing some gay content, he tries to remain completely indifferent about it.

If I’m proposing something involving gay content, or looking at someone else’s proposal which includes it, there’s a part of me which wonders if I’m not unduly biased—if I’m not steering my project towards being viewed as ‘The Gay Game’ by the audience, or filtering the content through a personal lens it might not deserve.

Other than this, there are several points mentioned in his long post. Head over to David Gaider Tumblr to read more and do not forget to share your thoughts on the matter.