Battlefield 4: Download Handgun Shortcut Kit for Free

The ongoing month of February is Player Appreciation month for Battlefield 4, where players get a free battlepack every day that unlocks attachments at random; along with the usual XP boosts and soldier portraits.

However that wasn’t the only thing DICE promised us earlier this year. To make up for the attrocious two months of launch, players will also be treated to weapon packs that will unlock all of the handguns, shotguns, DMRs and grenades.

The handgun kit is now available on Origin and is for free. While it’s not available at the time of writing, you can add it to your cart and check out. Once the kit is released in the coming days, your Origin will automatically start downloading the pack.

The Handgun Shortcut Kit contains unlocks for the following handguns:

  • M9
  • QSZ-92
  • MP443
  • SHORTY 12G
  • G18
  • FN57
  • M1911
  • 93R
  • CZ-75
  • .44 MAGNUM
  • Compact 45

The pack is also available to download from Xbox Live and soon from the PlayStation Network.

Dates on the rest of the weapon packs have not been released. The DMRs and Shotguns though are for premium members only.