Xbox One Voice Commands Affected by New Update

Xbox One has always been blatantly advertised by Microsoft as being used with Kinect voice commands for the ease of use.

These voice commands worked fine for everyone until the recently released update for the console, it seems that the new update has created some sort of issue, as the commands are not working properly for a lot of users now.

A whole new thread appeared on Reddit, where all the users of Xbox One complained about the voice commands, which confirms that it wasn’t just a single incident; it has affected a lot of owners of the console.

The solution to issue was also discussed, and right now the only way to solve the problem is to fully reboot the Xbox One. This is not great solution in any way, as the problem re-surface after some time.

The most affected voice command seems to be “Xbox, Turn Off” but it appears that even “Xbox On” is not working for some users:

The user wrote on Reddit:

Before the latest Xbox One update I was able to consistently use the “Xbox, Turn Off” command successfully…sometimes even from across the house.

After the update, the Xbox will prompt me for the usual “yes” or “no” after the command is spoken only this time the Xbox does not respond to either “yes” or “no”. It will sometimes work after a hard reset, but it is more consistently not working and definitely not anywhere near as good as it used to be.

This issue is getting a lot of attention in the forums right now. Let’s hope that Microsoft addresses this issue with their next update which is scheduled to release in March to set up the Xbox One for the biggest release of this year “Titanfall”.

Are you facing this issue after the update? Do you have any solutions? Let us know in comments below!